Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Welcome. We are a small group of Wargamers in Houston Texas who have decided to kick off a Weird World War 2 campaign. Our goal is to simple. Using history as a background we are going to wargame the ongoing fictional campaign of "What If" the Nazis had not really surrendered but had escaped to Mars and other remote corners of the Earth. The War against Hitler still rages on in secretive small scale skirmishes all over the Earth and in space. Many of the things we have held as truth are all part of the lie to cover up the reality of what has happened.

SO, what has happened? Simple, the Nazis escaped to Mars to rebuild and fortify. Our solution was they found a "doorway" or stargate or spacefold machine or wormhole or whatever that while they did not create it, they did figure out how to use it in a rudimentary sense. Where did this devise come from. Mystery that may never be known, but it is there and there are others.

The Allies knew of the escape, but were in no position to do anything about it. The resources were already stretched thin trying to win the war on Earth, and while plan and resources were diverted to prepare for the new phase of the war, it was too late to stop the Nazi occupation on Mars.

Mars of course does have an atmosphere, but it is very limited and is only capable or supporting life in the low canyons and valleys of the planet. Procreation and continuing the master race is nearly impossible, hence the need for breeding colonies on Earth. The Master Race is being created, one generation at a time.

There are many technologies as well, interstellar travel is a reality, as is cloning and various crude energy weapons. The Nuclear arms race is the largest hoax ever, if for no other reason than to distract the public from all the other, more sofisticated, developments that are being created.

The goal we have is to have fun and use as many conspiracy theories, natural disasters and significant historical events to creat scenarios and the play them out on the many numerous " Battles of Kitchen Table Creek".

Currently the rules set we are using is Crossfire, but we leave it free to use whatever suits our needs based on the scenario we have in mind.

At this stage, we are creating background and collecting and painting up forces. I currently have many Germans and US. Guiscard has US and Martian Germans, and Major Crash has Russians, US and no telling what else. The figures we are using are all 25mm more or less depending on the manufacturer. Among these we have Black Tree, West Wind, Bolt Action, Battle Honors and a few others here and there.

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